Why women embrace the gig economy

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Women are embracing the gig economy mostly because it offers flexibility.

Urban Sitter, Baby Quip and eJobXchange three startups, jointly commissioned a survey which showed that 44 percent of women now have a side gig. Of those women, 65 percent said it is “extremely important” to maintain flexibility.

More than half (54 percent) of women with children under the age of 5 said they were more likely to do side gigs to spend more time with their children.

Even in an era of historically high employment, women are choosing a side hustle. In spite of the growing demand for full-time workers, these findings indicate that women are going to continue with their gig economy jobs, which offer them fulfillment and flexibility, as well as a satisfactory income.

A study from Villanova University showed that when gig workers had control over their schedules, they were up to 8 percent more satisfied than their full-time working peers.

Money was the second-highest motivation for side gigs, as 54 percent said they added at least $500 to their monthly income. But coming in third was the opportunity for learning business skills, with 58 percent agreeing that building their own business was very important.

One other interesting finding in the survey of 1,000 women: 41 percent say they have been working side jobs for more than six years.

Side hustles aren’t new to women. Many were gigging before the term was ever coined. But with the availability of more robust gig platforms and marketplaces today, it is easier for women to find and succeed at side hustles that offer the flexibility and money they need, while also allowing them to acquire new professional skills and become entrepreneurs at any stage in life. It’s truly a winning proposition.

Statistics from JPMorgan Chase show that 20 to 30 percent of the working age population is part of the independent workforce, Axios reports.

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