These are the most in-demand jobs in South Africa right now

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According to jobs portal, the January Index settled at 94 index points, indicating increased competition for jobs online among local job seekers.



Admin Clerk

Average salary offerings for intermediate level positions per month:

  • GP: R10,167 to R13,214
  • WC: R10,700 to R12,938
  • KZN: R9,080 to R10,875

IT Project Administration/Management

Average salary offerings for intermediate level positions:

  • GP: R42,464 to R51,692
  • WC: R43,704 to R48,400
  • KZN: Not enough information available.

Systems/Network Administration

Average salary offerings for intermediate level positions:

  • GP: R25,043 to R33,039 p.m. (CTC)
  • WC: R20,933 toR30,737 p.m. (CTC)
  • KZN: R15,750 to R21,333 p.m. (CTC)

The most wanted skills

The three most in-demand skills in the country at the moment are software developers, middle/department managers and representatives or sales consultants.

Software development remains the most sought-after skill set on eJobXchange. Hiring activity for software developers increased by 35% year-on-year.

Demand for sales representatives remains great in the South African job market. However, hiring activity has cooled off slightly, following high levels of demand during 2017.

Great employment prospects are evident across South Africa within the field of middle/department management, particularly for finance managers. Currently, every third managerial job posting is allocated to financial managers.

Demand Sector
Growing ICT
Manufacturing and assembly
Fluctuating Sales
Business and management
Admin, office and support
Weakening Architecture and engineering
Building and construction
Medical and health

2018 was off to a good start for the finance, ICT and manufacturing sectors which saw an uptake in jobs of between 4% and 6% month-on-month.

The marketing, sales, admin and business & management sectors experienced volatile demand trends for 2017. 2018 saw a decrease in sales, marketing and admin & support jobs while there was an uptake in business & management jobs.

Year-on-year, however, demand is down within the admin sector as well as the marketing and business & management sectors while demand remained similar for sales professionals.

The construction and engineering sectors have seen a decrease in vacancies since the third quarter of 2017. A similar trend is evident for the medical & health sector where hiring activity is considerably lower year-on-year.

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