Are You Ready for 2018 Hiring?

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Creating realistic recruitment budgets that aren’t just carried over from last year can be tough. Especially since many recruiting leaders are asked to lock down budget three to six months in advance, before programs have finished running for the year and before they truly know what was successful — and what was not.

How to develop your own recruiting budget
We challenge you to blow up last year’s budget and put it back together for this year, focusing only on what worked and what didn’t instead of copying and pasting last year’s strategy and assuming it will work this year.
How do you do this? First, take a look at your goals for next year, and consider how your spend should correlate to those goals appropriately. Then, bucket your spend into three categories — people, systems and programs. Figure out how you’re going to organize and track your budget, and place someone in charge of this. Lastly, think of the new tools you want to try next year and where they fit in your budget.

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