Job Ad Tip

Creating an Effective Job Ad

  • DO create a specific and interesting job title. The job title is typically the first (and in many cases the only) part of your posting job seekers see when they start their search. The job title is critical in differentiating your posting from the dozens or hundreds displayed in that same list. Titles such as “Staff Nurse” and “Registered Nurse” are overused and won’t differentiate the posting. Minimally you should add some detail such as “RN – Adult ICU” or “LPN – Intermediate Care”. More specific yet might be “RN for 10 bed Neuro-Trauma ICU” or “Experienced Charge Nurse for Level III Trauma Center.” Titles that are more daring like “Seeking Super Nurse” or “Open-Heart Surgery RN – Put the “style” back in your Lifestyle!” tend to get even more views.
  • DO provide salary information. The most common complaint from job seekers is that employers don’t include salary information in their job postings. Face it, we all work for money and most job changes are made in order to earn more money.
  • DO update your postings frequently. Job seekers visit their favorite job boards regularly from monthly to daily. Once they have read your posting once or twice they likely will never look at it again. Updating your postings with a new job title, a different description or placing it in a different category may appeal to someone who was not attracted by your original wording.
  • DO respond immediately to all inquiries. Now that the Internet is speeding the posting of jobs and applicants are coming in immediately, the process is falling down at the human element of follow up. Someone who has taken the time to apply online to a posting is about the hottest lead you can get. Don’t lose it. Reply immediately.