Are Clients Complicit in Your Recruitment Failures?

Rec Failure
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Recruiters, recruitment failure is not your fault.

It is your responsibility.

There has never been a time when client/recruiter relationships have been more distant. Automation is making it harder to connect with people, the Contingency first-past-the-post process is broken, and diligent recruiters find themselves in a race to the bottom.

This is the unfortunate status quo for many, but is there another way?

Recruiters have a responsibility to break the mold.

You might think that clients are complicit because they continue to welcome speculative CVs and they are happy to share a vacancy with any recruiter who breathes. They have found candidates this way before, it is relatively cheap, and they only pay once a passable candidate ticks enough of the boxes.

They do not know any different, so I am not sure that you can blame them.

It is the responsibility of a recruiter to educate them.

If a recruiter delivers a unique value-added service that their competitors can’t offer, saving a client both time and money, then the client will give them exclusivity, pay them more and build a long-term relationship with that special recruiter.

Let’s face it, every recruiter wants to be special, but to get to this point, you have to show your clients that you are able to engage on a different level.

This is where responsibility comes in. The responsibility to do things right.

I know that lots of recruiters feel this responsibility, but few are able to act on it.

No one wants to make 80 calls every day.

No one wants to take on job briefs that they only vaguely understand.

No one wants to see candidates leave their roles after just a few months.

No one wants to waste their or their clients’ time.

Recruiters have to insist that they won’t work like this anymore!

It is such a great feeling to stand firmly behind your words “I can find you the right person.” When a recruiter puts quality rather than convenience at the heart of their process, it isn’t hard for any client to sense that they mean it.

When you have a fantastic recruitment process, you can leave the “me too” Contingency existence far behind you.

This process starts with a change in approach, a change in mind set, and it leaves every client blissfully satisfied.

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