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About eJobXchange

In 2015 a company had a bright idea.  To develop a technology platform that aggregates all job listings from their platform that enables employers to have a Virtual Network of Thousands of Social Recruiters sharing and navigating their job ads onto hundreds of social media platforms in front of millions of perspective candidates.

After 2 years of R & D eJobXchange launched as the first Social Recruiting job search engine. We now have a network of Thousands of Virtual Social Recruiters.

Our business model is flat fee similar to monster.  Employers purchase our job ad product; our Virtual Social Recruiter Network then shares the job ad posting across hundredsof social media platforms to provide employer job ads more visibility and more apply clicks.

Our Social Recruiting model is more flexible and efficient then job boards.  And our clients receive High Quality Candidates at 1/3 cost of job boards.

Great for Job Seekers and Great For Employers

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  • eJobXchange is a phenomenal place to work, there is no doubt about it. The management is nothing but supportive, but due to the caliber of folks they bring on for non-management roles, be ready to compete as a small fish in a big pond.

    James Watson

  • Its difficult to find a knock against working at eJobXchange. The company is very supportive in just about every aspect of your progress in your field, and provides multiple opportunities to excel.

    Rick Wilson


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